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          Fall 2020 Update

          The UVU Department of Theatrical Arts will offer its Fall 2020 courses in a variety of teaching modes in order to maximize student learning and individual safety. These include:

          • Face-to-Face: Students are in campus classrooms that are systematically sanitized and that accommodate social distancing.
          • Face-to-Face Hybrid: Half the students are in the classroom and half are connecting through Teams, alternating face-to-face attendance by birthdate.
          • Live Stream: Class is held with the instructor and students all online in real time using video conferencing software (also known as “synchronous online”).
          • “True” Hybrid: Students attend class on campus once a week and engage with an online module on Canvas on the opposite day.
          • Live Interactive: Teacher meets with a home-room of students on campus and connects with a number of satellite classrooms throughout the state through video link.
          • Face to Face Lab: Students work in person in scenic, costume, and other labs.
          • Online Asynchronous: Students complete a “traditional” online course without a set meeting time, Students complete the work in their own space at their own pace.

          These teaching modes are noted in the course catalogue. If students have questions about delivery modes about certain courses, they may email their instructor or department chair Dr. John Newman (john.newman@uvu.edu). If students are at high risk, or live with those at high risk, and do not have options to take a needed course offsite, reasonable accommodations will be made to connect the students with the on-campus course meetings.

          For additional resources and the latest university updates, keep up-to-date with UVU Emergency Information.

          We look forward to you joining us in Fall 2020 and appreciate your support and ingenuity as we continue to learn and create during these exceptional times.

          Dr. John Newman
          Department of Theatrical Arts for Stage and Screen


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