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          Welcome to the Utah Valley University Men's Volleyball Program. We are an intercollegiate competitive club participating in the NCVF organization. We have a history of excellence, most recently taking 9th at the National NCVF tournament held in Denver, CO.

          Mountain West Volleyball Conference

          UVU Placement


          UVU Placement


          UVU Placement

          Pre-Season/Season Schedules

          We welcome all interested players for:
          Open gyms: Every Friday from August 23rd through September 20th 7-10pm, Rebecca Lockhart Arena
          Tryouts: Sept 26th-28th from 6-10pm and 12-4pm, SLWC basketball courts

          Teams playing volleyball

          A Team

          Teams playing volleyball

          B Team

          Teams playing volleyball

          C Team

          Jon Downs

          president of uvu men's Club Volleyball



          Mike Rogers

          coach of uvu men's Club volleyball



          Sam Rogers

          assistant coach of uvu men's Club volleyball



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