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          Department of
          Public & Community Health

          Bachelor of Science in
          Health Services Administration

          Are you interested in working in a health organization? Become a health services administrator!Learn More

          Bachelor of Science in
          Community Health Education

          Passionate about health and wellness? Become a health educator!Learn More

          Bachelor of Science in
          School Health Education

          Are you interested in teaching Junior High or High School health? Earn your degree in School Health!Learn More

          COVID-19 Modified Operations 

          The Public and Community Health Department will be operating remotely for the duration of the COVID-19 emergency.

          If you need immediate assistance please contact our Admininstrative Assistant Briawna Simkins.

          To schedule a virtual appointment to meet with an Advisor Kristie Dockstader or Jennie Olson please review the Advising tab. 


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          Community Health

          Health Care Admin

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          We welcome diverse students in our program; there is a place for everyone here.

          See what our graduates do with a degree in Community Health Education.

          Our alumni are recognized with high standards throughout the community.

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