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          I'm a Parent of..

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          A Prospective Student  

          We're pleased that your student is considering UVU. We want to make it easy for you if you can't find what you're looking for, just email us!


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          A First-Year Student  

          UVU has a set of required/recommended activities for both freshmen and parents that are outlined in detail on our First Year Experience site. These activities are "best practices" designed to help new college students build a successful foundation.


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          A Continuing Student  

          College is a rewarding journey, but it is not meant to last forever. We encourage parents and family members to be familiar with UVU's resources that keep students 502 Bad Gateway services designed to help your student transition into a career!


          New College Parents

          One of the first things your student will notice about college is that it’s not at all like high school. They’ll have to adapt and so will you. What’s the best way for you to support your emerging adult student with their new college challenges? Find

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          Important Dates & Deadlines

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          Add funds to your students Greenbucks account.


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          Campus Resources

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          Campus Resources  

          UVU student with parents


          Don’t worry--most parents survive college! Many of them asked the same questions that you have now.


          Connect With Us

          Email: parents@uvu.edu

          Phone: (801) 863-4000

          Location: Room LC-405

          502 Bad Gateway

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          What is FERPA?

          of student education records.

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