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          Online Degrees & Programs

          Certificates and Degrees You Can Earn Online.

          Areas of Study

          Person welding.

          Advanced Manufacturing Certificate

          Two people talking near airplane in hangar.

          Aerospace Technology Management

          Person standing in foreground with small airplane in the background.

          Aviation Management

          Small airplane.

          Aviation Science

          A judge holding a gavel.

          Criminal Justice

          Small airplane.

          Dental Hygiene

          Small airplane.

          Emergency Services Administration

          People performing CPR on a CPR dummy.

          Emergency Services

          Parents and small child walking.

          Family Science

          Person writing in notebook.

          General Education Certificate

          Folded towels.

          Hospitality Management

          Stack of books.

          Humanities & Social Sciences

          Two women shaking hands.

          Human Resource Management

          Person working at a desk.

          International Business

          Person typing on a laptop computer.


          Group of women wearing lab coats and stethoscopes.

          Nursing, RN to BSN

          Woman wearing lab coat.

          Nursing, MSN

          Utah state capitol building.

          Public Service, MPS

          Woman sitting in plane cockpit.

          Professional Pilot

          Smiling woman.

          Substance Use Disorder Counseling Certificates

          Person working on calculator.

          Leadership Certificate for Personal & Social Impact

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