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          Locations & Resources

          COVID-19 Modified Operations

          Due to the COVID-19 quarantine procedures, UVU will be operating under modified conditions.
          For the latest from UVU on the coronavirus and frequently asked questions, go to the 
          UVU Safety coronavirus website.


          Please visit uvu.info for additional information.

          Find Your Way Around UVU

          Choose a UVU facility as a starting point and navigate around an interactive map. You can view categories such as buildings, public transportation, and dining options, and you can get directions and print.

          To print a map, click the print link on top right of the map area. Select the area you want printed; you may zoom in or out as well. After you have the desired area for printing selected, click the print button on the top left. You will then get your printer options. Select a printer and then print.

          UVU Main Campus UVU Main Campus


          Utah Valley University Main Campus

          UVU's Main Orem Campus Serves tens of thousands of students and is characterized by state-of-the-art architecture, globally competitive programs, and world-class staff.

          UVU-Wasatch Campus UVU-Wasatch Campus


          Wasatch Campus

          The UVU-Wasatch Campus is located between Park City and Heber City, Utah. It serves the higher education needs of residents of Summit and Wasatch County communities.

          UVU-Wasatch Campus UVU-Wasatch Campus


          UVU West Campus

          UVU West Campus is located across I-15 from the main campus. It primarily serves students of health professions as well as the National Guard.

          Provo Airport Campus Provo Airport Campus


          Provo Airport Campus

          The Provo Airport Campus is a high-tech facility equipped to train prospective pilots and emergency services specialists. It is located a few miles south of the main Orem campus.

          Canyon Park Building L Canyon Park Building L


          Canyon Park Building L

          Located against the Wasatch Mountains, the Canyon Park Building is equipped especially for culinary arts students to hone their craft and make extraordinary creations.

          Spanish Fork High School Spanish Fork High School


          Spanish Fork High School

          In order to help achieve our goal of providing quality education to the Utah Valley area, UVU offers courses at Spanish Fork High School for easy access to the region's locals.

          Capitol Reef Field Station Capitol Reef Field Station


          Capitol Reef Field Station

          The Capitol Reef Field Station is a high-tech research facility situated in the breathtaking Capitol Reef National Park. It provides diverse educational opportunities for students.

          Thanksgiving Point Building Thanksgiving Point Building


          Thanksgiving Point Building

          UVU offers a part-time MBA program as well as Masters in Cyber Security and General Education courses at the Entrata Building at Thanksgiving Point.

          Woodbury Art Museum Woodbury Art Museum


          Woodbury Art Museum

          This museum, located on the southeast corner of the University Mall in Orem, collects, preserves, and exhibits art that focuses on modern and contemporary artistic styles.

          Geneva Fields Geneva Fields


          Geneva Fields

          Geneva Fields is 100 acres of newly acquired land for UVU soccer camps, intramurals, and other activities, as well as future UVU expansion.

          Advanced Learning Center Salem Advanced Learning Center Salem


          Advanced Learning Center Salem

          We provide select courses at the Advanced Learning Center in Salem to provide residents with convenient access to UVU's high quality education.

          Eagle Mountain Eagle Mountain


          Eagle Mountain

          UVU is proud to offer day and evening courses in the Direct Communications Building in Eagle Mountain. Satellite campuses like this one demonstrate UVU's commitment to inclusivity.

          Campus Parking Campus Parking


          Campus Parking

          All vehicles parked on campus require a parking permit. Metered parking is available on the south side of the UVU Main Campus in front of the Administration Building.


          For directions to UVU or nearby places to stay the night, refer to Resources.


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