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          COVID-19 Modified Operations

          Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most members of the Department of Literacies and Composition (L&C) will be working remotely. We continue to provide services as usual. All faculty and staff can be contacted by email (See the L&S Faculty and Staff Contact List). During Summer 2020, all L&C sections are being offered either online or via remote live stream. For Fall 2020, L&C will offer sections face to face/hybrid on campus, remote live stream, and online, as outlined at //www.wlt666.com/fall2020/. Please log on to each of your courses via Canvas and check your myUVU email.

          For general questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact L&C Administrative Asst., Sariah Gomez.

                         Email: Sariah.gomez@uvu.edu

                         Phone: 801-863-6387


          To check UVU's Current Condition visit uvu.info.


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