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          Where to start: 


          Current COVID-19 Impacts

          The UVU Honors Director and staff are all working remotely until August 10, 2020. Please call 801-863-6262 to reach any of our staff.   You may also message us using the contact information found under the 关于我们 tab of this website.



          The Honors Program at Utah Valley University stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter protests against police brutality and systemic racism in Utah, the United States, and across the world.

          While things may look and feel a little different for this upcoming semester, the Honors Program is dedicated to student safety and success. We ask that students wear masks, physically distance themselves, and take other precautions to ensure the safety of themselves and those around them.

          UVU Honors courses, including Legacies and Colloquium, will be taught face-to-face, live streamed, or online. Please regularly log on to each of your courses via Canvas for additional information, through myuvu. Please contact your professors immediately with any questions or if you have barriers to participating in your classes online or through these other means of delivery.

          Students who are new to the program, please note the following dates: The Honors Program Suite will reopen August 10. The New Student Honors Orientation will be held remotely (virtual) on August 22 and will include videos made by student leaders and a Q & A with the Honors Program director.

          Additional information is forthcoming. In the meantime, please stay safe.



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          If you are interested in applying for the honors program, here you will find information on admission policies, student eligibility, and a link to apply. 


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          Need more information on how the Honors Program works, or are looking for an online form required for the program? Check here first.


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          Here you will find information regarding the Honors 课程 that Honors Students will take including course descriptions and offerings. 



          Welcome to the Utah Valley University Honors Program! By choosing to join the Honors Program, you have demonstrated a genuine investment in the quality and depth of your undergraduate education. The entire Honors Program staff is here to advise you in your search for excellence. Many students, when asking about participating in Honors, wonder if it's harder; I always answer, "It's not always more work, but it is better work." In a series of small classes with other highly motivated students, you will find true peers willing to be guided by faculty invested in their students' intellectual potential. You will discover in yourself the ability to grapple with texts and ideas that have fascinated the world's great thinkers, writers, artists, and scientists, as well as the courage to try out new and challenging ideas, places and experiences. We look forward to sharing the journey with you.

          Kate McPherson
          Professor of English
          Honors Program Director

          Find Out More


          Find information about the Honors Program's mission, objectives, eligibility, and frequently asked questions.



          The Honors Program offers Tuition and housing scholarships to program applicants and continuing honors students alike.


          Image Gallery

          Here we have compiled a number of of the Honors Program's various student adventures, locales, and events.



          Here we have compiled a number of frequently asked questions students often ask about UVU's Honors Program.


          Meet Our Staff

          kate headshot

          Honors Director:

          Kate McPherson, PhD

          Office: LC 204a

          Telephone: (801) 863-8055

          电子邮件: kmcpherson@uvu.edu

          Schedule an appointment
          Allen Headshot

          Honors Coordinator:


          Office: LC 204d

          Telephone: (801) 863-6841

          电子邮件: allen.hill@uvu.edu

          Schedule an appointment
          Allen Headshot

          Honors Coordinator:


          Office: LC 204c

          Telephone: (801) 863-6223

          电子邮件: tiffany.nez@uvu.edu

          Schedule an appointment
          Honors seal

          Mailing Address:

          Utah Valley University

          Honors Program MS 274

          800 W. University Parkway

          Orem, Utah 84058-5999

           Telephone: (801) 863-6262 


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