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          The Center for the Study of Ethics (CSE) advances ethics education at Utah Valley University, within our community, and among scholars working in related fields of study. Because ethics is a vital dimension of human life, we support programs that engage critical questions in navigating the public, professional, and personal dimensions of the human experience. The CSE is a nonpartisan, non-advocacy center committed to the inclusion of diverse voices and perspectives.


          COVID-19 Modified Operations

          Your safety is our top concern during this pandemic. With your health and the health of our staff in mind, we have made the decision to close the Center for the Study of Ethics until further notice. Please stay safe during this difficult time, we look forward to welcoming you back to campus. You may contact Courtney Burns at courtney.burns@uvu.edu with any questions or concerns.


          To check UVU's Current Condition visit uvu.info.


          Event Information

          elephant for landing page

          in the
          Age of Trump

          January 22nd  |  Video 


          Kirk Englehardt Business Ethics Award

          February 27th  |  Video

          elephant for landing page

          in the
          Age of Trump

          January 22nd  |  Video 


          Civility & Democracy

          with Evan McMullin

          March 11th   |  Video

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          Areas of Emphasis

          The twisted path of curriculum planning.

          Ethics Across the Curriculum

          Since 1992, the center has promoted ethics education across a variety of disciplines
          A large cargo ship.

          Environmental Sustainability

          Explores questions related to the human impact on the natural world and the ethical dimensions of environmental stewardship.
          Dome of the Rock and Jerusalem.


          Promotes the academic study of religion through interreligious dialogue and student engagement. These efforts are part of a campus-wide Interreligious Engagement Initiative.
          Gyeongbuk Palace, Seoul, South Korea.


          Offers students opportunities to understand and engage ethical issues across cultures and ideologies including strategies for global cooperation and peacebuilding.
          McLean House in Appomattox Courthouse Virgina.


          Advances dialogue and research in the ethical dimensions of democracy, civil discourse, and public policy. These efforts are part of the campus-wide Appomattox Project.

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