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          COVID-19 Modified Operations

          Due to Covid-19 admins for the English Department are now working remotely. For English Department questions, please contact Corinne Bauer (Corinne.Bauer@uvu.edu) or Betsy Lybbert (BetsyL@uvu.edu). We are here to help you during this difficult time!


          To check UVU's Current Condition visit uvu.info.


           The English and Literature Department at Utah Valley University stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter protests against police brutality and systemic racism in Utah, the United States, and across the world.


          The English & Literature Department offers a wide variety of fascinating and challenging classes in creative writing, film & media studies, literature, rhetoric & composition, and secondary education.

          English students engage with texts in multiple ways and at multiple levels—reading, analyzing, and discussing literature ranging from the classical to the contemporary, but also producing their own critical and creative work.

          Our department also offers courses in editing, document design, and technical writing to prepare students to compose in an increasingly visual and technological world.

          Courses broaden students’ cultural awareness, deepen and refine their critical thinking abilities, and enhance their skills in written and verbal communication.

          The department is committed to providing a safe and open learning environment for all students and will not tolerate bigotry or harassment in any form.

          Stephen King Course Announcement


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