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          COVID-19 Modified Operations

          All UVU Criminal Justice/Forensic Science/National Security Studies classes are being conducted online for Summer 2020. 
          Classes will be delivered Face-to-Face, Live Streamed or online for Fall 2020. Please log on to Canvas regularly, through myUVU.

          To reduce community exposure of COVID-19 and keep our students safe, the Criminal
          Justice office is temporarily closed.  For immediate assistance, please call 801-863-7230. 
          Our Admin will be happy to help you.

          Please schedule phone and/or online appointments with our Academic Advisors at this time.   


          To check UVU's Current Condition visit uvu.info.

          25 Years of Service 

          For more than 25 years, Utah Valley University students have graduated from one of the top Criminal Justice programs in the Intermountain West. UVU provides opportunities to make connections through faculty and staff who work hands-on in the field they teach in. Students are ready to move directly into the workforce, helping people feel more safe in their homes. 

           UVU Criminal Justice teaches integrity, responsibility, and safety throughout the duration of the program. Professors and students work tirelessly towards their passion of making the world a safer place for everyone.

           At UVU, students can complete their criminal justice degree online, in person, or through a mix of both options. It is designed so that students can continue to work and provide for the people that matter most while moving towards a future that will benefit your whole family. The Criminal Justice program at UVU provides a community to help you learn and grow in the way that works best for your circumstances.

          “Exceptional care is a core value at UVU, and I see my faculty practicing that every single day,” Students in the program feel like they’re a part of something bigger.” - Bobbi Kassel

          25 year anniversary logo, featuring lady justice

          What we offer you


          Full-time faculty including former FBI, defense attorney, local police, and more


          Now offering online instruction and degree in Criminal Justice


          50% of all Utah County police officer positions are filled with graduates from our state-certified satellite police academy

          Be Part of Something Bigger


          Part Of Something Bigger

          Get Involved


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