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          COVID-19 Modified Operations

          COVID-19 Information

          Visit UVU.Info for latest university updates

          Due to the severity of the Coronavirus, the Office of Student Action Learning will be closed through the end of April.  For more information, please check through our website for future Action Learning Expeditions, Faculty Support and Zone Activities coming this fall.  Go Wolverines!


          To check UVU's Current Condition visit uvu.info.

          The Zone 

          Weekly activities to engage students in learning. " Take a seat— make a friend."


          Action Learning 

          Engage with Professional Partners who are the best in their industry.  Gain experience.  Network with the best.


          Academic Support 

          Supporting teachers in the classroom as they create action learning opportunities for students.



          Action Learning Expeditions engage students in the professional world at the highest level.  Check our planned expeditions to learn more or drop by our office to create your Action Learning Community expedition.  


          Picture of students in Amsterdam

          Picture Students NASCAR

          Mission Statement


          The Office of Student Action Learning (OSAL) builds and facilitates engaged learning activities and expeditions for student-centered action learning. OSAL works collaboratively to bring about a full and engaging student life experience. OSAL is engaged learning; it is student LIFE!

          Student Fees Used Here


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