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          Current Cycle Completed Evaluations & Reports 

          Upcoming Evaluations & Reports

          Annual Report                      Fall 2020 (Annual)                       Report

          • Disaggregated Data
          • Student Achievement
          • Financial
          • Ongoing Monitoring of Recommendations

          MID-CYCLE EVALUATION            Fall 2020 (Year 3)                                 Report and On-site Review

          • Assessment
          • Data Collection
          • Planning, Goal Setting, and Aspirations

          Policies, regulations, and financial Review                    Fall 2023 (Year 6)Report and Off-site Review

          • Financial Performance
          • Policies and Regulations (standard 2)

          Evaluation of Institutional Effectiveness                       Fall 2024 (Year 7)Report and On-site Review 

          • Institutional Mission and Effectiveness
          • Student Learning
          • Student Achievement
          • Student Success

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